About Us

Dugle Media serves our clients by delivering results-oriented StorySelling Solutions™. We believe when you have a strategically-crafted business story that is targeted to the right customers, you’ll be able to grow your business with less pain and more gain!

Dawn Dugle, C.E.O.

Dawn Dugle is an award-winning storyteller who spent 25 years as a broadcast and digital journalist. During that time, she met business and non-profit leaders who had great stories, but they didn’t know how to tell or sell them! As a result, their businesses and charities were suffering.

She was obsessed with finding a way to help them, and created the Dugle Media StorySelling Solutions™ – a four-part training program designed to help businesses and charities attract qualified buyers or donors, improve their sales/donations and grow their business. This training has been proven effective time and again, and our clients report up to 25 times the ROI on their training investment within the first year.

Dawn is also a nationally recognized motivational speaker and the author of two books: The BRAVO! Way: Building a Southern Restaurant Dynasty and Insider Secrets for Free Media Attention.

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